Welcome to My Neighborhood

When I decided to move from Columbus to St. Louis last fall, I had the opportunity to choose to live anywhere in the city.

As I’ve quickly learned since moving here officially in January, St. Louis is a city of great neighborhoods. After looking in several areas I found it an easy choice to move downtown joining the thousands who have already made the jump to the Washington Avenue Loft District.

I’ve always felt that a strong and vibrant downtown reflects the strength of a region.   After nearly four months here I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  From the amazing architecture to easy walking access to all the amenities needed (looking forward to that grocery store coming later this year) to keep the car in the garage for days at a time.

So, welcome to My Neighborhood – the Loft District in St. Louis.  I know a great coffee shop right around the corner.

One thought on “Welcome to My Neighborhood

  1. Glad to see that you’ve jumped on the blogging bandwagon … but are you sure that the Loft District isn’t paying you to say those things? 🙂

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